Dec 13, 2012

Cat Hates Singing Reindeer

Nothin' for nothin', but if I had to hear that reindeer sing that song day in and day out for all of December, I'd probably try and get rid of the darn thing, too!

Get it, kitty!

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day to donate toys and treats to Santa Paws Drive! You can donate as little as $1 and it ALL helps!

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  1. Smart cat. Those humans are lucky that the reindeer is still in one piece! I think I'd also have done the same, as the cat.

  2. Very good, kitty. Job well done!!!

  3. that was one INCREDIBLY smart cat! I would have wanted to get rid of it too. I was particularly impressed by her dragging-backwards ability without crashing into anything. Too cute!

  4. She is pleased with her deed, indeed!
    That was so adorably funny!!

  5. clever girl I would kill it too

  6. One smart cat, but mine would have peed on the thing. If he doesn't like something he pees on it so we have to throw it away. Otherwise he's a good cat. I really did like that the cat was so good at walking backwards. It was cute that after it stopped making the noise that it just sat next to it and did nothing

  7. so persistent! I think she was taking it to the litter box!

  8. I agree with my fellow cat. I hate noisy things!


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