Sep 4, 2013

Cat vs. Soda Can (and an Update on Sweet Pea, My Parking Lot Kitty)

Empty soda cans should not be left on the table, and this cat is going to make sure that's how it is -- no matter how many times the silly human puts it back on the table. Will he ever learn? Sheesh!

Or maybe he's teaching his human to fetch. In that case, well done, kitty! Looks like it's working!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Many of you probably saw on Facebook Sunday that we had to take my favorite parking lot kitty, Sweet Pea, to the vet. When I went to go feed them that day, it took a while for her to come out, and when I did finally see her I knew immediately something was wrong.

Her back paw was very swollen and she wasn't putting any weight on it. She was walking with a horrible limp, and there was a gash scratch across her nose. Oh no!

Click to biggify and see her paw better.
I immediately called her other parking lot mommy, Kelly, and she came right over with a carrier and we scooped Pea up and put her in. She stayed overnight at Kelly's and yesterday she went straight to the vet in the morning. We had to make sure she got all the care she needed!

We don't know exactly what happened to her, and the vet couldn't tell either. It's possible it was a bite. There are huge dinosaur-sized iguanas that hang out near the bushes where she does. Or maybe a raccoon, but we highly doubt that because they get all get along just fine, and always have.

Sweet Pea got some medicine to thrwart off whatever is causing the swelling and I'm working on a temporary foster while she heals. She can't go back in the parking lot like that. She needs to be able to run if needed and be fast and not hurt. Paws crossed she heals quickly. It breaks my heart to see her like this, and hurts me to know that something hurt her.

Here is a video of me petting her. She is the sweetest girl! You can hear her purr some, too, in it.

Her vet bill was several hundred dollars (whew!), but she's worth it. We got all bloodwork and testing and everything done, since she was there.

I will keep everyone posted on how she is doing. She is my FAVORITE parking lot kitty right now. She has to get better!

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  1. If you do an appeal we will support !!

  2. All paws crossed that she is better soon and she can get a furrever home. <3

  3. Oh gosh,feel better soon Sweet Pea! These past few weeks have been just so sad.Between our kitties getting injured,or being sick to so many going to the Rainbow Bridge,just heartbreaking.....

  4. The kitty with the can was so cute.....the face expression was priceless.
    Sweet Pea is so lucky to have you and Kelly watching out for her. She is very pretty.....and I pray she recovers quickly!! <3

  5. Must she remain in the parking lot?

  6. We all wish Sweet Pea a fast and complete healing. What a wonderful kitty - of course a black one -
    who deserves the best treatment and perhaps a loving home. She's so sweet ! Thanks Dorian and Kelly, you are both purrfect helpers in need.

  7. poor baby. we wish her and you our strength, love, and all the healing fire we can. tehno aki inu, offers his doggy protection for her. baby eek says he's with his big dog brother on this one. we all pray for lil miss sweet-pea for a long loving life and quick healing.

  8. Aw, poor thing. She is lucky to have you to look out for her.

    Our parking lot kitties are feral. They don't come near me when I drop off treats for them. They are not "pettable" on any level.

  9. Pawryers for Sweet Pea!

  10. Poor baby Sweet Pea - had the same thing happen with a kitty who came to our backyard....undetermined injuries and he was taken by a friend to recover, and you know the rest. Stayed until diabetes took its toll. Bless you little sweetheart. Get well soon and you have all the love from Dorian and Kelly. Prayers and healing are sent from Paulie and Mary (my fosters) and me of course. Thank you ladies!

  11. How about finding an adopter? She seems so sweet and not at all feral. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and helping her.


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