Oct 9, 2013

Cute Baby Alaskan Seal Pup Rescue

After being found dehydrated and overheated, this adorable baby seal was rescued by some wonderfully caring people -- and given the full spa treatment while she was being saved.

The sweet seal pup was abandoned by her mother, and out of the water for more than 12 hours, just heating up in the sun. When the rescuers got to her, they wrapped her in a soft towel, then put her in a carrier and surrounded her with icy towels and more ice sprinkled all over her. Then she got some water (the cutest part!) and was off to the rescue center.

This video is actually a couple years old, so I hope she's big and strong and back home now. What a cute story!

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  1. can you look into the eyes of any creature's child, even human and not care. i believe there are saints out there,
    only takes a moment to be someones.

  2. Looking at this sweet face is tempting me to kiss that baby like I kiss my furkids when they look at me with their big eyes! God bless the good people who saved that Seal pup. Wishing the now grown up seal "happy swimming in the waters".

  3. I'm SO glad you shared this w/us. I watched transfixed the entire time. Such tender sweetness!!


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