Nov 6, 2013

Adorable Cat Hugs His Teddy Bear

What happens when you offer Alley the cat a teddy bear?

He grabs it and hugs it and loves it and makes it his very own.

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  1. So cute!!! Kitty really loved the teddy bear!!!

  2. how precious is that??? love it.

  3. Love it! I have a hugger too. Always warms my heart!

  4. OMC! This just melts my heart!

  5. I collected teddybears all my life. I brought them over to the States where I finally could have two real furkids, my beloved kitties. And now teddies play a second role in my life... But each of my babies has their own little teddy to snuggle with when I'm not around. Must be a family thing.The one in this video is just too sweet !


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