Feb 5, 2014

If It Fits, I Sits: Compilation of Cats Squeezing in Tiny Boxes!

We can never have enough videos of cats in boxes, especially when the cats are too small for the boxes! It's amazing how hard our silly kitties will try to squeeze into the darnedest spots.

I think my favorite is the kitty trying to fit in the soda box (Not Maru... you'll know which one when you see it!).

NOTE FROM CUTE: The countdown is on to our super transport weekend! 26 cats going all over the place in one weekend! I can't wait to share and follow them on their journeys with our fabulous Cute Transport Network drivers!

Want to help next time? Sign up to drive kitties here!

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  1. It never gets old!!! Have a great day!!

  2. Think my favorite would be the one in the box, with the one shutting the box, then sitting on it.. They're all great!

  3. Love watching this video. Adorable!!

  4. Love all of them ! You silly kitties make me always smile.

  5. I needed that laugh! Silly babies.


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