Mar 21, 2015

Cats That Love Baths

Not every kitty hates the water. These crazy cats love it!

I especially loved the cat wrapped in the towel... You'll see!

Thanks to longtime Cutehead Linda R. for sharing this cats that love baths video with us!

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  1. Very cute. I'm afraid that if my cats ever decided to take up swimming, I'd lose all the fish in the enclosure pond!

  2. Hi ! I guess I could try to give my furry boy a bath - if I were strong enough to hold him... But my little lady cat would certainly try to bite me to death - no chance there.
    Thanks for the funny video. I admire those brave kitties.

  3. Dorian,
    I loved this video.
    I'm having a very difficult time opening your emails in the new format. I use Microsoft Outlook and when I try to open it hangs up and I have to close out to get it to start working again.
    I've been missing photos of your crew, is everyone good?

  4. Hi Frances! I'm so sorry about the emails. I've heard from a few others that Outlook gives it issues, so I'm switching back to the old way tomorrow again. (I actually sent both this morning by mistake. Oops!) I hope I can figure out how to fix it and make it work for everyone! :)

    Everyone is great! I'm do a Three Cats Thursday for tomorrow and catch everyone up! I've been missing sharing them!

  5. Hah! Maybe they'd just play Marco Polo with them or something. ;)

  6. Anya loves to lay in the water iris and "fish". She isn't afraid of the water at all, and if she decided to go swimming I don't think the fish would be happy. I think they'd be yelling something other than Marco Polo!


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