Mar 2, 2015

Cute Cats and Babies Playing Together

These babies love their kitties! And the kitties love their human siblings.

If you know anyone who thinks pets and babies don't go together, show them this. So cute! Cats can be the most wonderful, gentle and loving things!

I fully spent almost eight minutes of my life watching this video (and I usually don't have the patience for all that!) and smiled and giggled through the whole thing! You don't have to watch it all, but at least watch the kitty and baby around 1:50... sweetest pair ever!

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  1. cute!!!! have a great Monday :-)

  2. My Siamese Ming Toi was 12 when I had my Son. She was the first to "tell" me that I was pregnant, and when he was born she appointed herself his protector and later his playmate. She lived another 13 years and my Son was heartbroken when she died. They were truly best friends.

  3. Loved it! My favorite is at 6.41 where the cat allows the baby to crawl over him and then rest her head on the cat's body. Pawesome.

  4. This is sooooo cute!! I love the grey kitten playing with the babies hands and the baby crawling over the cat is too funny. That cat sure doesn't mind.

    Happy to hear from you Dorian!

  5. Ming Toi was 25 years old! Wow!! Your son and her had a very special bond. The love of an animal makes us great people.


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