Sep 11, 2008

Halloween Costume Time!

Just got the email saying that the costume I ordered for Pimp from Target shipped! I can't wait to get it!

I dress him up every year, (No, he doesn't like it. Yes, I LOVE it.) He's been Elvis, a biker dude, a pumpkin, a pimp, a devil and probably more that I can't remember. Anyway, this year he's going to be a dinosaur. RARRRRRRR...

Here's a picture of the costume. I'll post one of Pimp all dressed up in it closer to Halloween!


  1. And she bought a Pumpkin outfit for Pumpkin ... hehehehe

  2. Hope you got an XL for Pimp.

  3. Actually, I got him a small! Last time I got him a medium it was too big! I think he's losing weight. :)


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