Dec 15, 2008

Cute Pet Spotlight: Santa's Little Elf

Today's cute pet spotlight is Tuscany, the fabulous Christmas Elf!

Festive little Tuscany (well, I use the term little loosely) actually had an entire Christmas fashion show when this picture was taken, also trying on Santa hat and a pair of reindeer antlers... lucky her! Just look how happy she is with the whole situation...

Tuscany is very loyal to one special toy: Mousey the little mouse. Every night, she takes Mousey to bed with her, and every morning, Mousey ends up in her food or water bowl (apparently he gets hungry, too). Mousey has a few hiding places, but Tuscany's mom and dad are very good at finding him each night before bed -- and the whole cycle starts again.

Want your pet to be the next cute pet spotlight? Send me cute pictures!

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