Jun 13, 2009

Driving Miss Kitty?

Annabelle loves baskets -- so why not go for a bike ride in one?

Personally, both of my two cats would jump right out of that thing and dart off, but Annabelle looks so relaxed and calm about the whole thing. I don't think she's sure yet that she likes it, but she doesn't not like it either...

(Oh, and the music in the background is perfect!)


  1. That's great! I had one cat that would ride on my shoulder, but most wouldn't tolerate a ride like that for anything. What a great treat to have one that will ride with you!

  2. That looks very fun! I hope the bike rider never has an accident, because that would be scairty.

  3. Thanks Daily Cute! I enjoyed the bike ride =^..^= AnnaBelle Circus Kitty

  4. AnnaBelle! You amaze us. No wonder you are a "CircusKitty"! :churble:


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