Sep 13, 2009

Roof Kittehs

I always thought of skylights of a way to let the light in... not a way to let the cute in!

Is it me or do these kitties seem to be playing air hockey up there?


  1. That is really cute. What are the cats doing on the roof is my question. We all need a laser,wish Mom would buy is one.

  2. Too funny! If my noisy neighbors did that I would be pissed, but that's because they just aren't as cute!

  3. You need a "bad cat" tab with the funny, aww and cute ones. This one gets it for sure. ;-)

  4. Hah - I love it

    I’m doing my rounds and just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month. I appreciate your input.


  5. Everybody knows that you don't play air hockey with a cat because you will never win a game.

  6. That is too cute... Have to wonder what the kittehs were doing on the roof to start with.... but I digress....that was very cute.
    I cannot be certain, but from the shadow patterns, they looked like they could be Siamese. ...

    And the end photo of the orange cat is cute, also.... LOL...
    Great stuff!

  7. Hmmm, you never know what you might find on your roof, eh?


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