Oct 25, 2009

Oscar the Ping Pong Cat

Let's see here...

1. There is a ball.
2. The ball is moving.
3. The humans are using it.

Survey says... The cat wants the ball!


  1. That's a really funny video ! My cat Arthur loves to watch Golf on TV (we not) he follows the ball with his eyes and each time it drops in the hole he looks under the TV set ! He does the same with Tennis, lol !

  2. Really cute video. But love the story of the cat that watches golf.

  3. I can't imagine any cat not wanting to play ping pong. Can you?

  4. The end is REALLY cute where Oscar is all curled up and sleepy after playing!

  5. I think he's way better than most humans I know!

  6. That is so cute. It makes we want a pinball table so my cats would have someplace to play.

  7. So cute! Angel & Isabella want a ping pong table now!


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