Oct 29, 2009

Happy National Cat Day! (a.k.a. Friends of Cute Day)

Happy National Cat Day, everyone! We've got a whole lot of celebrating going on...

First, if you click on the ribbon over there on the right, you'll go to the Cute's Top 10 Cat Posts of all time. Major cuteness awaits you when you click...

Second, yesterday I had this brainstorm to celebrate National Cat Day by posting up a whole bunch of pictures of the Cat Friends of Cute. I started asking around Twitter and Facebook, and got a huge response. Boy, does Cute have a lot of cat friends! (And we love each and every one of you!)

Personally, I don't think it would be a party without my cats, Pimp and Moo, so here are my absolute favorite pictures of each of them.

Don't you just want to eat both of them?! (Remember, all pictures can be biggified by clicking on them!)

And now on to the really exciting part! These are a whole bunch of cute pictures of Your Daily Cute's cat friends -- aren't they a CUTE bunch? If you don't see your picture and you want in, email me and I'll do my best to keep updating throughout the day!

Precious, Oscar, Quadpawd (Henry!)

Vivian & Otto, Sherpa and purrfectcause's pretty kitty

Zoey, Ernie and Wally of The Island Cats

Thomas & Dahlia, Siouxsie and Scooby

Pumpkin, Baby Foo and perrythebirman (Real name withheld. Heh.)

I just want to take a minute to THANK everyone for all your support and comments recently. It makes my day to hear from all of you! If I haven't personally visited your blog (I try to visit everyone who comes by here!), leave me a link in the comments and I'll be sure to stop by.

Have a happy National Cat Day!


  1. What a great idea to have a national cat day and what cute pictures. And the cute comments are terrific. Very funny. Happy Birtday to Cute.

  2. woof! Happy National Cat Day! LOVE the cutie photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. AAAAAWWW , look my pumpkin there!!!

  4. My son! Right beside Pumpkin. I'm happy to see the orange tabbies well represented. ;-)

  5. Oh wow! You DO have a lot of cat friends!!! I love how many orange stripey pallies you have there--Hobbes has got some competition. Thanks for showing Hobbes in such good company. Oh--Happy Cat Day!

  6. Happy National Cat Day!!! We're happy to be considered three of your furiends!

  7. OMG, look at all the cute! :-)

    Don't know if you've visited Siouxsie, Thomas and Dahlia's weekly cat advice column "by cats, for cats and their people," Paws and Effect (www.paws-and-effect.com). If you haven't, feel free to visit.

  8. Dis is totally pawesome Cute! I luvs National Cat Day! Thx for having us all on your pawesome site!

  9. What a great group of kitties! Lalo and Hobbes are buddies now - how cool is that?! Thank you for including Precious and Lalo today.

    Happy national cat day!!

  10. Look at all the kitties.

    Sherpa looks so happy.

    Now let's shoot for National Goat day!
    Go Goats!

  11. Love all the CUTES!!! Brew will have his nose out of joint all day because he made the CUTE!

  12. You definitely have the cutest furrends. FAZ

  13. Oscar!! Momma got a bit sad but he is so cute and I luvs dat he is der next to his brofur Henry. Dey all is CUTE! Happy National Cat Day!


  14. *hi-paws* 2 all teh grate kittehs!! an happe nashunal cat day. YAY!! *whispers* cud has dun widout teh editorial comments does...hehehe
    bond. birman bond.

  15. We have posted this on the National Cat Day Facebook page! Thanks for the fun feature guys!!!

  16. Finally, there is a holiday worth celebrating! Woot! Thanks for posting all the photos of my friends (& me hehe!)

    Oh, and you know... Dat Birman look a lot like a pal of mine named Glenn. Nah, couldn't be!

    Thanks again YDC! *nosetaps*

    Henry (aka Quadpawd)

  17. Everykitty looks so adorable! Especially love the photo of Baby Patches as a tiny kitty!

  18. Love all the kitties today! We see some of our furriends and some we haven't met yet but they are all adorable! Happy National Cat Day (everyday)!

  19. What a Purrrfect idea! National Cat Day, @TheMooshies love it. Thank you.


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