Feb 1, 2010

The Drama of the Nip Cigar

When I watch this video, I feel like I'm watching some kind of dramatic silent movie... The music is phenomenal (and perfectly timed!), and the mounting suspense, together with bittersweet ending, is just supurrb.

This is Cute's Twitter friend, @BrewskieButt, and his catnip cigar that he got from Cute's favorite online pet shop NipandBones.com (formerly suppliesjust4pets.com). Enjoy as the drama builds -- and don't worry, it has a happy ending! :)


  1. LOVED IT! LLOLOLOL....first i was suspicious of the cat in the back lurking...who knew it was gonng be a gang bang! At one point the white/orange cat seems to be looking for help! Brilliant! Loved the song too, had never heard it before!

  2. Dat Brew is a handsome mancat and he just luvs his big cigar don't he MOL hehehe

    Luvs it! Thanks for da Meow Out for da store!


  3. I love the song that goes so well with the video! LOL! Must be a good cigar--gotta go check that out.

  4. Poor Brew really had to fight to hang onto his cigar!

  5. Brewskie is loving that cigar! We loved ours so much it now has holes in it!

  6. Looks like BZTAT should have gotten 4 of those cigars to keep the scufflin' down...snicker...


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