Feb 12, 2010

Kitty Cat with a Flourish for Flushing

One of the most important parts of potty training is to make sure you remember to flush. It's just common courtesy. It's also what you do after you finish... but someone forgot to tell this kitty about step #1!

But step #2? He's got that part down!


  1. That is just incredible!!! What an intelligent cat!

  2. Hilarious! The funniest part was "I think we have a problem..."

  3. That is really funny. I sure hope that Tabatha here never learns to do that. She loves to watch the faucet run. Cat are something else, aren't they. So entertaining.

  4. Oh that is so funny - I loved that he walked around to the other side of the toilet to see if there was another handle - I don't want to have to pay their water bill.

  5. who pays the water bill?


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