Feb 9, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Hats on Cats

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Doesn't it seem like it was just Two Cats Tuesday?! That's OK, though, it's our favorite day of the week on the Cute!

Today Pimp and Moo are celebrating Valentine's Day a little early. It's not like they're not full of love all the time, but today they're modeling their super cute red visor with hearts!

Oh, hello there! Pimp here keeping lookout for on top of the bed. I have to look down because "up" is blocked by my snazzy visor...

You see? I love my visor because it has hearts on it. Hearts are manly, right? A true PIMP can wear hearts. (See my claws? I dare you to say something about my pretty hat!)

Don't I look sweet in my heart hat? Don't I look sweet all the time? (Mom, don't answer that!)

I hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day this weekend! And don't forget your furry Valentines... make sure you show them a bunch of extra love, too!


  1. OMC, Moo you are just too sweet for words, you too Pimp!

  2. You both are indeed extra cute in those hats!

    I think Banjo would have a hissy fit if I put anything on his head! haha!

  3. The hat is terrific and you both look really good in that hat. And we do see those claws Pimp so we won't say a thing about you. Some of us just wouldn't wear a hat or visor. Nice job.

  4. Moo doesn't seem to have a care in the world when its time to dress up, He almost looks like he likes it. Pimp on the other hand not so much. But we love it so keep them coming

  5. You both look so very handsome in your heart hats. Happy Valentines Day!

  6. I have a confession to make.

    . . .

    Ahem . . .


  7. lololololol veeeeery manly! my cats would NEVER put up with a hat (or visor!)

  8. Oh my, cat in the hat, I think I read that book! They are so cute!!!

  9. Moo is SUCH A SWEETIE! Pimp looks like he's ready to roll the dice in Vegas.

  10. OMC! Two handsome mancats in a snazzy heart visor! I luvs it! *high paws*


    Pee Sss - momma says too CUTE

  11. I has neber seen anything so manly cute afore.

  12. Ooooh, they are gonna scratch your eyes out for making them wear those!

    (but they look really cute with them on!) :)

  13. Oh you both look adorable in your heart visors! They are the perfect Valentines accessory!


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