Mar 1, 2010

Ballerina Kittens

Behold the beautiful, graceful, smooth moves of these furry kitten ballerinas!

And not only do they have a beautiful dance troupe (the more meowlerrinas the better!), but look at that fabulous cat tree they have to dance on. If I was a cat, I'd be dancing, too!


  1. Too funny, how many black kitties do they have??/ And the poor white one must feel like the Lone Ranger. Have a great week.

  2. That was really quite a purrformance!

  3. I was more thinking of the "monkey rolled off the bed" song.

  4. :))
    nice and interesting
    thank you

  5. MOL hehehe dat is too cute! Momma says she has seen dat pawsome tree somewheres before but can't remember where.


  6. Such cute kitty dancers! Do they tour? Will they come to my town too???

  7. Oh my good lord. That is adorable. I can't quit lauging. :-D

  8. Gorgeous Orientals!  Graceful and alert to the music ?  They just mould into your body with affection.  Interested in the feather conductor?  The white one could be a mommy or daddy but Orientals come in many colours - cappucino, ebony, white, lavender, blue, not to mention color points.  Siamese is one of their background genes.

  9. The Orientals were beautifully co-ordinated of course with the help of the feather (just as the judges use for reactions and studying the profiles, boning, etc.) and...oh my!  Just noticed - is that my post from before?  Anyway, here goes again.  Also watched the most gorgeous mommy giving birth to her 6 wonderful classic marked (plus the 2 wee black and whites) babies.  All fantastic paint jobs - thank you Lord!  However, she should have had a stronger box with sides in order for her to push against when necessary.  Also, I definitely DO NOT AGREE with them being outside at 1 month or 6 weeks - let alone being outside at all!  They are vulnerable to fleas which will cause worms, airborne viruses, and general outside dangers. 

     My mommies were never outside (but I did breed top-show quality Siamese cats and showed them mostly in U.S.A) and they were not exposed to others until their 1st shots at 8 weeks but at 3 weeks, my Queens wanted them out of the box to play and training for wee litter pans, and starting on baby food with rice pablum.  Then they associated but back to their rooms at night time with moms. They never left my home until 13-16 weeks at which time the 'pick' was ready for 1st shows at 4 mos. and rabies shots.  I do love the video though but disapprove of their early exposure but they all seem so very healthy.....darling wee things.  I miss having babies now.


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