Mar 3, 2010

Two Cats Wednesday: Moo's Rockin' Guitar

Welcome to a special (a.k.a. I forgot yesterday) Wednesday edition of Two Cat Tuesday!

Today I have three things to report:

First, I wanted to tell you guys that Pimp is 100% back to his normal self! No more sick, no more infection, no more ulcers on his tongue. Yay, Pimp!

He was a terrible patient -- he hates to take his medicine -- but overall he did pretty good. Through a whole week of antibiotics twice a day, he only ruined one shirt of mine! That's got to be a record low...

Second, Moo has a new favorite toy. And it makes noise. And by noise, I mean it is a guitar, and it plays music every time he plays with it. Oh, and his favorite time to play with it is around 3:00 a.m. when I'm trying to sleep! Observe...

And lastly, Pimp wanted me to take a survey. This is his absolute favorite spot in the house -- on the bathroom counter.

Don't I look handsome by Mom's flowers?

He likes the counter so much because he LOVES to drink water from the sink. He'll sit up there for hours if that's how long it takes for me to realize he's there waiting for me to turn it on.

Slurp, slurp, slurp! It tastes better in the sink that in my water bowl.

So for Pimp's survey: What is you all's favorite spot in your house? Anyone else out there a sink drinker?

Next week I'll remember Two Cats Tuesday on Tuesday... Come back then to visit Pimp and Moo again!


  1. YIPPEEE Pimp!!!! We still send you some healing purrs tho.

  2. I so very happy Pimp is all better. He is one handsome cat for sure. hehe - the bathroom sink is my favorite and only place I like to drink water. Go pimp!

  3. Oh that is such good news that Pimp is better. Bet he is glad to be able to eat again. And Moo that sure is a fancy guitar but maybe don't wake mom up at 3 AM. Pimp, I guess our favorite place is on the chairs in the house or our beds in our own bedroom. We love to go outside too. Tabatha loves to play in the sink too.

  4. Yay for Pimp being back to 100% health! Woot woot! Like Moo's quitar ~ perhaps not so much at 3 am ~ ha!

    Banjo's favorite place to snooze is right at the top of the stairs leading down to the basement. We have to step over him to go down the stairs. Silly kitty!

  5. That guitar is one cool toy!!!

  6. Way to go Moo, you're a Guitar Hero! I'm glad you're doing much better Pimp. My favorite place is the bathroom counter...lots of options!

  7. Hai Pimp! I am so glad you are feeling better. I LOVE the sink. I sleeps in it, I drink from it, I play in it. THE SINK ROCKS!

  8. We are so glad that Pimp is feeling better - and only one shirt - you must have known it was helping you to only ruin one shirt (funny thing is that I have a sweater that may be ruined by Krizon's medicine he is on for his mouth - it still has to go through the wash, but that pink stuff is almost impossible to get out of anything). And that guitar is great Moo! Any noisy toy is fun to use in the middle of the night - good job!

    Ok, so first with the sink drinking - only Kirzon does it, and he doesn't do it that often anymore. Barney and Virgil both tried but just aren't good at it, and Lola has never shown any interest. And for favorite places, well there is a blue cat pillow on the couch that is popular (there is a purple one too, but that is apparently not as good - I think it is a location thing). And the rest of the back of the couch is popular, mostly closer to me (though Lola likes to sit by my boyfriend, but she is the only one). With other spots they mostly like them for a while and then stop liking them, then eventually go back!

  9. Yay Pimp! Glad you is feeling betters my furriend.

    Dat is one pawsome Guitar Moo! Momma says dat we has been known to play wif our babble ball at 3am in da morning MOL hehehe

    My favorite spot is my window perch of course and da office where we works. But I really luvs da kitchen counter too and a wet sink to puts my paws into or lays down in MOL

  10. Hooray! Both Pimp and Hobbes are better! Whew!

    Hey, Grace and Moo could have a band! Grace on the bag and Moo on his guitar--all at 3:00 a.m. That's cool, but can they practice at your place? I'm usually sleeping at that hour.

  11. We're so happy Pimp is feeling better! And Moo...rock on, buddy!

  12. We both love the bathroom sink for drinks. Fuz just put her paw in and licked it. Mac put her head down and stuck her tongue in the water. Both learned from each other; now both do the pay first, then switch to the tongue if the water passes the test.
    Stay healthy now, Pimp!

  13. Nothing like some nice fresh faucet water for Pimpy!

  14. So glad Pimp is better and your wardrobe is no longer at risk;)

    Moo's toy is cool but maybe it needs to recharge (read: live somewhere it can't be activated) at night.

    My mom's kitchen sink has a very slow leak (drip...drip...drip) and her cat thinks there's no better source. Waaay better than the fresh water in the bowl.

  15. Glad Pimp is pimpin' again! Trouble is also a very bad patient when it comes to taking her pills, but she is a surprisingly good patient when it's time for her fluids.

  16. Excellent news Pimp and Dorian, and for you too Moo!  Guess mom won't forget 2 cats Tuesday again either.  So glad all your vital stats are back to normal Pimp...went through that with Sgt. Pepper.  Miss Tique was terrible about pills and liquids - vets would have to give her an antibiotic injection if or when necessary....Pepper was a dream with the vets - they all loved him and the day he crossed they made him a General but he was much older than you Pimp.  Be kind to your vets baby boy.


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