Mar 12, 2010

Sliding Door is No Match for This Kitty

Door are silly things that humans used to try and keep kitties and doggies out of certain rooms. Sometimes, though, us humans underestimate the smarts of certain pets -- like this sliding-glass-door-opening kitty!

Then check out more door-opening cats. Open sesame!


  1. Cute, I like the use of the shoulder to push it open,

  2. He just gets better and better. We have someone here that can do the same thing. Have a great weekend.

  3. Adorable caat!!!!
    I really lovit, it's amazing! :) I really like this blog, it's so original... Good job! :)

  4. We need to get some sliding doors here!

  5. That is one very smart kitty. I try to escape by pushing out the patio door screen, but peeps caught me before I got it all the way open. Darn.

  6. Very cute! I love how they put their arms out before pushing it open with their shoulder and face. So smart!


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