Mar 9, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Too Sexy for a Shirt

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! You know what I think is funny? That anyone who lands on this post and doesn't know my cat's name is Pimp will probably get a very wrong idea about what this blog is all about... Heh.

But all of YOU know. So on to the cuteness!

I ordered Moo a new tank top! It says "Beach Bum" since that's what we are now that we live on the beach. Especially Pimp and Moo. They just lounge around all day. When I retire, I want to be a cat.

Just look at him winking at the camera and working the crowd. I've created a monster!

How perfect is his new tank top, though! He wore it ALL night (well, except when he went digging in the litter box; I took it off for that event.)

We got his Beach Bum tank top from Baby Patches' momma's store, She's got some new outfits in there that are fabulous if you're a pet-dresser-upper like I am. :)

Cat clothes shopping tip from Cute: Shop in the doggie section! Way better selection. See, you learned something today!

And now on to Pimp, who we already know from the title up there is too sexy for a shirt. I was just snapping away and ended up with some sweet new portraits of him. I just love his little face! He has the best expressions.

Seriously. I want to squish him and kiss him every time I look at that little face.

Who needs fancy clothes when you've got good looks like this!?!

Hope everyone has a great day! Bum around a little and relax if you can!


  1. OMG! That first photo is too hysterical.
    He looks like he a supermodelcat.
    I love it!

  2. OMC! Moo... you is a beach bum! MOL hehehe I luvs it! Purrrfect color for you.

    Awwwww, Pimp you is too handsome for a shirt! MOL


  3. With or without shirts, Moo and Pimp are two pretty kitties!

  4. Great pictures..... Love the color on you!

  5. Y'all look stunning in those outfits!

  6. Moo looks adorable in the tank top! You are very right about looking at doggie clothings for a better selection. I also get many outfits from Build-a-Bear because they do not cost many monies, and mostly they are easy-on and -off because they use velcro closures.

  7. Moo that is a great shirt and fits perfect since you are now a beach bum. I have this feeling that our Mom is going to try to dress us up some so glad to find some places to get the clothes. And we love that Nip and bones shop. They have great toys there.

  8. Oh my gosh - dzt T-shirt is great. pimp is extra smoochable too.

  9. Oh they are both so cute! And you are right about the dog section - even though we lucked out with our halloween costumes we did check the doggie section too.

  10. Luv Two Cat Tuesdays!!! Can't wait to get these two gents on canvas...

    BZTAT and the Brew

  11. Pimp is da Man! And Moo is America's Next Top Cat Model! (ok for boy kittehs too)

  12. I can't believe you make them wear t-shirts!! I don't think that would go over well here. They can't stand their collars as it is!!

    And yes, that is one sweet, smoochie face!!

  13. Moo is a hot little at the beach agrees with him!

  14. Too cute!  My big boy used to love to 'dress up' - even with a pendant/necklace to match his own.


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