Apr 23, 2010

Wanted: Baby Duckling Ramp

You know how they have those steps to help little dogs get up on the bed? Or handicap ramps to help humans get where they need to go?

Well, Cute hereby declares that they should make baby ducky ramps, too!

Ask and you shall receive I guess. I was looking through more of the photos of this same group... and LOOK! A man-made ducky ramp! Yay, duckies!

(click to biggify)

Big thanks to Daily Dog Scoop for showing us this super cute baby duckling video!


  1. Would it be bad if I stood by the ramp and maybe looked at the duckies? And if I maybe gave them a tiny little nom?

    Ok that would be bad.

  2. omg! i don't know what's cuter/funnier, the post or that comment! LOLOL

    the video is so sweet..those little heads popping up and down, and that one little rascal making it up and then playing around hopping up and down! that sweet mommy coming back to see what is wrong, clueless it's too tall for them!

  3. Great video. Hope they eventually made it up the steps.
    Have a great day.

  4. Rumbles and Inigo -- I LOVE your comment! Super cute. But, no, you may not give the duckies a tiny little nom. ;)

    Marg -- I hear they did! He had updates and stuff and there are apparently a few little broods of baby duckies in that pond. What a cute treat!

  5. Awww, what a good Samaritan helping out! Thanks for the update (and the wags).

  6. Looks to me that Mamma Duck is giving the babies a lesson from the school of hard knocks!


  7. MOL hehehe poor little duckies! So cute da momma cames back because she noticed dey wasn't coming but as someone else saids she had no clue! MOL

    Yay for peeps dat helped out!


  8. Awww those little ducklings are so very cute and work so hard at getting up the steps. M wants to scoop dem up and help dem get to the top.

  9. Awwww, you just want to help them, don't you??!

  10. So cute!! Those duckies are quite inventive!!


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