Apr 20, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: The Many Sides of Moo & Pimp's Pooch

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads!

It's a good thing Pimp doesn't have any say over what I post on the Cute, because I'm not sure he'd like me sharing his pooch. But, that said, it's to freakin' cute not to share!

Mooooooom... Quit showing them my brown belleh! I'm GRAY.

Next up is Moo. A few Two Cats Tuesdays ago, @BabyPatches momma mentioned that she'd never seen the side of Moo that was in those pictures.

Really, I thought? That can't be, can it? All those pictures and only one side I've shown? We'll have to fix that!

So, without further ado... The Many Sides of Moo!

Front Moo.

Side Moo.

Side Moo, too.

Tush Moo.

Aerial Moo.

Belly Moo.

I think that's all the sides... Let me know if I missed any and I'll run after him with the camera some more!

Have a great day! Love, Cute, Pimp and Moo


  1. Heehee!! Poor Moo! But if the Baby (or her Mama) ask, who can resist...?

    *happy sigh* Baby Patches *end happy sigh*

  2. Beautiful pictures of all sides.... I think 360 degrees pictures are a good idea.


  3. Love the brown belleh and all the wonderful sides of Moo!!!

  4. I like Pimp's brown tummy! And all sides of Moo, one just as sweet as the next! :)

  5. Sigh. I do love a good belly shot. And both Pimp and Moo have beautiful bellies!

  6. i love that redish/brownish patch - so cute! a nice surprise! :)

    and the 360 is brilliant - so many different patterns! :)

  7. Don't worry Moo, I've got one too! All the pictures were totally wonderful...each and every side!

  8. Good shot of you brown tummy Pimp. And Moo, why hasn't Mom shown us more pictures of you before this. You are so very handsome. Now we have seen all sides of you and that is terrific.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Tush Moo pic made me laugh. Who hasnt taken a rear shot of their kitty and laughed

  10. Tush Moo! MOL hehehe

    Such a handsome kitty boy dat Moo, thanks you for getting all da shots in so now we has seen all his sides.


  11. Moo has adorable markings... he reminds me a little bit of Harley!

  12. This made my day!!! I love Pimp and Moo!!!

    -Erica :)

  13. moo has very pretty-looking fur!

  14. Moo is beautiful from any angle. Love the stripes on side 1. Fuz Cat has a brown belly & she thinks she is gray too.

  15. Aerial Moo...could not be better. Yay Moo!

  16. Aw so cute! We love the belly pooch, and we love all the sides of Moo!!

  17. All angle show a very handsome cat. I had to chuckle over the "tushie" pose tho.

  18. Stopped by to say Hello nice to meet you! :)
    Pimp and Moo you are adorable!

  19. Just beautiful from all angles! And their cutie bellehs! Tush Moo is my fave! I LOVE LOVE LOVE kitty bootehs!!!!!! ~ Isabel M.

  20. I've said this many times....but will repeat myself:
    just LOVE these cats.   Have a happy day, Pimp and


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