Jul 28, 2010

The Muttley Crew: These Dogs Have Talent!

I don't know about you, but I just can't watch all these "talent" shows on TV lately. To me, they're all the same... until someone showed me this video of The Muttley Crew's audition!

It's a group of rescue dogs who travel around in their own tour bus and perform. And, let me tell you, if anyone in America has talent... it's these magnificent mutts! I love that they are promoting how fabulous a rescue dog can be! And one of them is 18 years old!

P.S. Since I don't watch the show, and auditions were last month I think, does anyone know if The Muttley Crew has made it through and is still on America's Got Talent? I'd love to know! Go mutts!

Once again, special thanks to Cute's friends at TheKittenCrew.com for sending over this Muttley Crew video. Even the kitten crew knows puppies are cute, too!


  1. Yay for rescued dogs! I think they said the one dog was 18! ?
    I was just wondering today if 'your daily cute' ever allowed dogs ;)

  2. They got cut when they got to Hollywood

  3. YAY for the "Muttley Crew"! Loved it!

    I can't believe the one dog they called "The Lion" is 18!

  4. Yippee I love these guys they were so cute. Booo for them getting cut in Hollywood.

  5. That is too bad they were cut. They were terrific. Isn't it fun that they were all rescue dogs. Bet they have a great life.
    Have a fantastic day.

  6. Sonya, of course the Cute allows dogs! :) Only requirement here is "cute"... Hehe.

  7. Crazy Weinerdog Lady, thanks for the info. If I was a judge... they'd win first place!

  8. I love that even the 18 year old doggie got to be a part of the act!

  9. Just shows that you can teach an old dog.....

  10. Thanks much for sharing...even better that they are all rescue dogs! Cheers!

  11. That was so good, we don't watch those shows either...but we really liked that one!

  12. I don't watch those shows, cuz I don't have TV. And I am an internet kitty, not a TV one. But I do think those mutts have talent!

    BTW--I like yer guest cutie too!

    Just meowin'.

    The Brew


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