Aug 2, 2010

Cute Chinchilla Dust Bath

Can you believe there's never been a chinchilla featured on the Cute before?! This must be fixed today!

And did you know chinchillas take dust baths to keep clean? Does that even make sense? Apparently, it does... I did a little research and it turn out it's how they keep their coats shiny and not matted, because it's like the volcanic ash from where they originally came from.

And did you further know that chinchilla dust baths are really, really cute?! See for yourself!


  1. That's super cute! We didn't know they took dust baths either!

  2. Thanks a lot, now I want a chinchilla. But the cats would have their way with one, so guess not in the this house. But he is so cute. Wonder what the dust is?? Have a great day.

  3. My sister in law had a chinchilla and it was the highlight of my visits to watch it have its bath!

  4. Oh yeah, I knew someone who had a chincilla! Isn't that the cutest thing???! Birds do that too--they take dust baths in dirt.


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