Mar 7, 2011

Cute Kitten Discovers the Mirror

This little fuzzball can't decide if he wants to play with his string or with his new buddy in the mirror.

The string is fun and, well, stringy, but that fuzzy kitty in the mirror just looks so cute and playful!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet DayExciting note from Cute! We have some exciting news, Cuteheads! March 15 is's 15th birthday (wow!), and to celebrate they are planning to take over the interwebs to spread the word about adopting homeless pets.

It's called Adopt the Internet Day and Cute is proud to be participating!

They're asking people to help get the word out about adopting pets on March 15. You can participate in several ways that are listed on their Adopt the Internet Page.

They'd love for everyone to post on their blogs, on Facebook and Twitter that day to help get the word out! There's lots of fun prizes and things to go with this, so be sure to check out their page (You can grab a badge for your blog there, too, like I did!).


  1. Love kittens mirror boxing!

  2. Wow, a string AND a mirror? That is almost too much fun!

  3. Dat little kitten is so very cute. Nothing cuter den a kitten playing with whatever dey find.

  4. Oh my goodness, the cuteness just abounds in this video. And he/she looks just like my past foster kitty. Gotta love it.

    I'm so glad you're participating in Adopt the Internet Day! It's amazing how much of an impact it's already having. :-)

  5. That sure made me giggle!

  6. Love the video. That little kitten didn't like being laughed at. We have gotten our badge and need to put it on our blog. We need to put some stuff on our blog. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. That kitten looks a bit like Harry the Farm kitten.

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