Apr 5, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: We Got to Go Outside!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Guess what Pimp and Moo got to do the other day? They got to check out the beach balcony!

They always watch me when I'm out there, so I decided they could check it out (while I watched them very closely, of course. I don't need anycat deciding to jump on the ledge and fall off!).

Moo was the first one out and the bravest at first...

The fresh ocean breeze is fabulous!

This is the chair Mom sits in all the time when she's out here. Smells like her!

Pretty soon, he decided to try and help coax Pimp out. Pimp has been out before, but this was Moo's first time. He's such a big boy now!

Hey big brother, Pimp. Quick being a 'fraidy cat and come out here!

OK! And I know just the place to investigate out here...

Come on, Moo! It's right over here in this corner.

These are the towels under Florence's nest! There are BIRDIES up there!

And then I put them right back inside after they sniffed around there a little bit and realized they weren't getting to any birdies. A fun trip outside, though, for both of them!

Florence and Herman update: We have a second round of babies! I think they were born yesterday. I took a picture, but it's not that great. They are so tiny and fuzzy; it's hard to see them in the nest. I'll keep you all updated!


  1. Such excitement...and no snow. I think I'll come for a visit!

  2. Glad you boys had a nice outside trip!

  3. Fresh air for the kitties and a sniff of a bird! Life is good!! Glad to hear about the new babies!!

  4. Wowser, those birds are keeping you very busy. That is so exciting have more babies.
    And glad Moo and Pimp got to be outside. What fun. Take care and have a fun day.

  5. Hooray for Outside time! I think I need to drag my Outdoor Funhouse out for a while now.

  6. It is so nice to be able to go out in the fresh air, even if it is for a short time!

    Watch out for those birdies falling! Doves make the WORSE nests and their babies fall out. I'm just warning you so you don't feel bad if you see one who fell. I don't like baby bird season for that very reason. Ugh.

  7. another round of babies? It's going to be a noisy balcony.


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