Sep 1, 2011

When Box-Sitting Goes Wrong

What cat doesn't love to sit in boxes? It's one of their favorite past times, of course, but just because they are protected by their special box "fort" doesn't mean they can let their guard down.

There are box bullies out there...


  1. Why do people have to torture cats by trying to make them look like a wild animal? I think it is terrible that these people shaved the yellow cat's fur in an effort to create a lion effect.

  2. That lion-cat is wrong

  3. Let's focus on the kitties in the boxes... that's the Cute part! :)

  4. Gray cat, that was a little bit mean of you! I love how the lion-kitty came to check it out. 

    I think he probably has the lion-cut because of mats, or to keep cool.  I don't think he minds it. 

  5. That really does make me smile, I watched it 3 times!

  6. We suspect that wasn't the first time that had happened, cause the white kittie didn't seem the least bit upset.  We were really expecting that white kittie to thwopp that gray one who closed the lid.

    A lot of beans give long haired kitties lion cuts in the summer, expecially if it is hot out.  Makes the kitties cooler.


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