Aug 28, 2011

Do You Mind If I Have a Little Nom?

Little Buff the teeny orange kitten has a new foster brother -- a mini black puppy! Little Buff loves him so much that all he does is cuddle him and snuggle him and nibble him.

I get it. And personally, I'd eat them both up!

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  1. That teeny orange/buff boy is going to nibble little black baby's ear off - even ear tip him......don't let them be too rough but they are so adorable together.  Those little teeth and claws are sharp though - I can vouch for that from the many babies I used to have a long time ago.  They loved me so much my legs looked like a road map of New York City!!!

  2. Awwwdorable!!! They are both cute as buttons!!! Hopefully, the ginger kitten won't bite the puppy's ear off!!! Even the tip would be too much...

  3. Awww that is so very sweet.

  4. Oh, we want a puppy!  That puppy must really taste good!

  5. I think the kitty is trying to nurse on the little puppy

  6. Little Buff is simply letting puppy know she is boss!!


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