Jan 15, 2012

Cat Hugging His Daddy

You know what kitty love looks like? It looks like this.

This cat loves to just flop across his daddy when they're lying on the couch watching TV and give him a big ole bear (badger?) hug. The way he just looks up at him with those kitty eyes would just melt me if that were me!

Plus, his daddy looks like he makes a pretty good pillow, too! ;)


  1. Oh this is so wonderful! You can also hear him purring! That's a loud Pimp-purr!

  2. That is so cute;and good to see a guy love  his cat. Our Bunny gets on daddy's chest while he watches tv and puts her arms on his shoulders;daddy has to look over her head but he loves his cat too

  3. It looks like those two are in for the long haul! How nice that the daddeh doesn't mind the kitty laying on him like that. :)  

  4. Now that's a pillow I would love to have xD Such a cutie too! Must be so warm for the winter! Lol!

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. Yup. Neither one of them is moving for HOURS!

  6. Which is what Pimp is doing next to me right now! ;)


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