Jan 9, 2012

Slow Motion Video of a Cat and Feather Wand Toy

What's cuter than watching cats play? Watching cats play in slow motion!

It's amazing to watch their mouths and heads move and see exactly what they do when they play. Usually they're moving so fast, you can't really appreciate the beautifulness of it!

Here Mari the cat is fiercely protecting his feather wand toy. He bites it and grabs it -- but is never too busy playing to thwack away another kitty who wants a piece of the action!

P.S. Recognize these kitties? It's Cute's favorite herd of cow cats!


  1. So cute! Just the thing to watch when you need to stop and rest for a while.

  2. Slo-mo or slo-meow?! Whichever it is, it's verrrrryyy cuuuuute! :-)

  3. i'd say that kitty is all nipped out.   So cute.  

  4. kitty floss!

  5. Oh wow! Dat waz a grate moovy!!  I was holdin my breff when da cow cat got bopped!  Dat string lookeded sooo yummy!  I hope dey gonna make more moovys!!! 

  6. Way too slow for me! Although, I enjoy kitties in any speed


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