Feb 21, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: What Pimp's Friends Think He Does...

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimp decided he was going to try his paw at one of the memes that we've seen going around the past few days. You know the one about "What your friends think you do," "What your mom thinks you do," "What you actually do...?"

Well, he decided to make one about cats. What do you think? Accurate?

All joking aside, there is one of these going around that I absolutely love, created by our friends over at Vox Felina. This one is about feral cats (which you all know are so near and dear to my heart!).

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  1. Oh so sweet! But now Moo needs his own!

  2. The publicist always says that it is not the cat's fault it is the human's fault...

    Pimp looks very comfortable...

  3. This could go on a t-shirt or a night shirt like the one momster has that is titled, "It's hard being moody."

  4. Pimp, you do look so comfy. That is a great picture or pictures.


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