Feb 25, 2012

Whoa! Who's That Kitty in the Mirror?!

Dooley is meeting Dooley for the first time. Dooley doesn't quite know what to make of Dooley... He seems like a pretty cool kitty, but why does he looked so puffed up and fuzzy? And why is he bouncing around like that and coming at him -- but never actually touching him?

Dooley is a cutie! Both of them.

BONUS CUTE: Another cat in the bathroom mirror!


  1. Suspicious kitten...
    Meets another suspicious kitten...
    Both are puffed up...
    Where could this go from here?
    Tune into Suspicious Kittens, Part Deux!!!

  2. Dooley is so cute !! Love when kittens crab-walk when all puffed out !!!!

  3. that calls for a "crab walk"

  4. hahaha I love kittens! They crack me up when they do stuff like this x3

    ~ Kieli ~


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