Feb 26, 2012

Asparagus is Fun!

Raise you hand if you've ever wasted money on a cat toy! Silly humans... We should know by now that cats would rather play with the darndest things than a real cat toy.

Take Mouse here, for example. She somehow stumbled upon a piece of asparagus -- and the fun went on for hours, her foster mom said!

She does make asparagus look pretty exciting, doesn't she? Maybe more people would eat veggies if you were allowed to play with your food like this.

Thanks to Cute's friend, Kathryn, from Kate's Cats (go like her on Facebook!) for sharing this video of her foster kitten, Mouse, with us!

P.S. Be sure to come by tomorrow for an exciting Cute giveaway!


  1. And asparagus is Funny... 

    Have a great Sunday. The Academy Award Party is going on at my place today and tomorrow.  Stop by if you get a chance.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Bahahaha!! Love the swipe at the camera! "Don't even think you're gonna take my asparagus tip, mama!"

  3. it's nutritious,  non toxic,  rubbery, and has texture!!! woo hooo

  4. Thanks for the invite, Max! We'll stop by for sure!

  5. Every time I came in from picking green beans, I would have to give one to Moo to play with.  Of course, it always ended up under the fridge.


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