Mar 3, 2012

Baby Kittens in Their Momma's Belly!

Did you know that you can see kitten squirming in their momma's belly before they're born? I'd never thought about how amazing that must be, until I saw this video.

This is Emmy, a foster momma cat over at one of the cutest blogs I know, Love and Hisses. She was ready to pop any day now, and her foster mom took this video of her belly the day before the kitties came out!

Isn't it just entrancing to watch those babies wiggle around in there? Imagine how big they are. They just want out!

And when they finally did come out, there were four beautiful little tabby kittens!

These are the little piggies that were in there.

If you want to follow along, she'll be posting lots of pictures as these babies grow up. And she always takes the cutest pictures! Visit them at


  1. Oh my goodness! That was sweet and momma doesn't even wake up through all the kitty romping in there!! haahahahhahaa

  2. Awww...thanks for the mama-kitten fix...I remember those days...

  3. Little kittens want to go to the milk bar!  So cute and sweet!

  4. Awwww. :-)

    I remember seeing that when my family's cat, Iris, was pregnant and just about to have her kittens (please keep in mind that this was LONG before spay/neuter was a commonly done thing). I also remember petting Iris down the middle of her belly, between the horns of her uterus, and having the kittens inside react with delight to the petting -- squirming around to get close to my fingers rubbing their mother on the outside. :-)

  5. Can you imagine how cramped it is when you have three siblings sharing that space?

  6. Layla (Cat Wisdom 101)March 3, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    Adorable with a capital A!

  7. Awwww. You can also sometimes see little hooves or parts of goat kids on a nanny right before kidding time. It gets tight in there!

  8. That sounds amazing! And so adorable. I bet they do love to be petted, even in there!

  9. I'm surprised mom stayed sleeping! lol they were quite active


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