May 5, 2012

Jump Roping Dog Does Double Dutch

No, for real. This rescue dog is a better jump-roper than most humans!

Geronimo was saved from a pound in Missouri when she was three months old. Mo, as she's called for short, has since become quite a talented girl!

It took her five weeks to learn how to jump double dutch, and she loves doing it. She waits for just the right moment to jump in, then dives in between the ropes and boings and bounces away like a kid at the playground!

BONUS CUTE: Here's a beagle jumping rope with his daddy!


  1. What a talented doggie! I like how she times her entry just right. 

  2. Very talented pup! That was very cool foot work!

  3. =8-O

  4. OMG too funny  I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Unbelievable that the doggy can jump rope like that!!!

  6. She is an extremely smart dog...something I never ever tried in my life.  I'll leave it to "Mo".  She's the best!


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