Jun 6, 2012

Spider Cat Walks Down the Fridge

Piggy must have very sticky paws, because she walks down the side of the fridge like it's nothing!

First she climbs to the top, then she squeezes between the fridge and the wall and inches her way down safely and smoothly. Her owners say she does this every day, and they have no idea how she figured out she could do it.

P.S. I thought I'd share this, because it made me giggle. This is one of the comments on the video:

Cats thought process:
0:00 Oh, you got the camera again. Whatever.
0:08 What, this is normal, right?
0:13 Don't look at me like that.
0:17 I'm not in trouble, am I?
0:22 Wait, I'm a cat. I don't care about your opinion anyway.
0:28 Oh! I can attack that!

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  1. Note to self: Amend "Spider Pig" song, to "Spider #Cat". 

  2. The next "super-hero" is 'SpideyKat' - Cool!  I can't wait for the movie!!!  :)

  3. Amazing!  it's all about "leverage"

  4. "See, that's how 'ya do it!"

  5. Easier on the feet than jumping down

  6. Cat uses the same principal as rock climbers do--distributes weight against both the wall (with his back) and the refridgerator (with his feet)

  7. And way better video fodder. ;)


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