Jun 3, 2012

Blind Dog Myron Plays Fetch

Myron the blind dog doesn't let a little disability get him down -- he plays fetch like the best of them! He may not be able to actually see the ball, but he can still "see" it by hearing and with a little help from his fabulous mom.

They have a system worked out: If he loses track of the ball, she says "cold, cold" if he's far from it or "hot, hot" as he gets closer. And then he finds it!

Myron is a boxer-border collie mix who has been blind since birth. I did a little googling, and it turns out he's a bit of a celebrity in Australia (and now here on the Cute!). He has his own Facebook page and Facebook group and now he even has a book called The Magic of Myron!


  1. what a cute happy boy!! Cats and dogs still know how to be cats and dogs even if blind!!

  2. I suspect that Myron finds the ball by the pitch of his moms voice and not so much the words "hot" and "cold".  More footage would clear this up, however. Even so, it's so amazing how adaptive animals can be!

  3. Like the strongest people, he doesn't let his disability hold him back.

    A wonderful clip.



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