Oct 1, 2012

Pig Rescues Baby Goat

When a baby goat got his leg stuck on something underwater and was in danger of drowning, his friend the pig knew immediately what he had to do -- he jumped in and swam to his rescue!

Simply amazing, right? This Lifeguard Pig and his goat friend live at a petting zoo, and are just the latest in examples of how awesome animals are and how much heart they truly have. I love it!

Thanks to Cute's friend Tamar from I Have Cat for pointing this pig rescues baby goat video out to us!

P.S. Some people might get cranky about the guy not helping. Let's just assume there were fences up and calling to the zookeepers was the best, quick-thinking thing he could do. At least he thought enough to do that. Either way, I'm glad the piggy came to the baby goat's rescue!

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  1. My hero! What a sweet save!

    I just wondered why you would be filming an animal in distress. I guess some people grab their cameras for everything. I usually drop mine in such instances.

  2. I am surprised the kid went in the water in the first place as we goats do not like to get wet.

  3. Amazing save - sweetness. But, also, why did the people at the petting zoo not go in the water for the wee goat? They just left it up to Mr./Ms. Piggy....! Maybe the water should be roped off for certain animals.

  4. I agree with may of these comments regarding the human not going saving the poor little stressed critter as soon as it was discovered! The rescue is absolutely darling, and impressive as well. I imagine piggie does that whenever a wee one falls in. Animals are wonderful!


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