Oct 6, 2012

I Haz Catnip in Mah Head - Psychedelic Catnip Video

What you are about to witness is out of this world. It is cats and what it must be like to be high on catnip, set to trippy 70's music, complete with all the colors and kaleidoscopic images to match.

It's a nip trip fantastic... and somehow, it's actually a Litter Genie commercial. I can't say if that's a good litter box or not, but their creative department sure it willing to do some fun stuff!

What do you think?

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  1. Far out man!

    I'm not quite sure what Littler Genie has to do with cat nip either but if it works why not! Since i have 9 kitties i would probably need industrial size!

  2. LOL. Hmmm cat nip and litter genie not sure how it goes together. It's a cute video though and I would stop to watch it.

  3. Well, they have people posting their commercial across the internet so I am sure they knew exactly what they were doing ;)

  4. Ooohhhh,acid flashback lol Love this one

  5. I agree with you...their marketing department must be a blast...this is just too good!

  6. Serious add, and serious 'catnipping'...love it!

  7. "Oh, meow, man...lookit the COLORRRZ!"


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