Mar 5, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp Passed His Test!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we have some fabulous news. Really, really fabulous!

Pimp went to the vet to have his blood work done. If you didn't know, he's hyperthyroid, so it's important to monitor his levels and make sure that he is under control. If his levels get too high, then his little body and organs are basically in overdrive all the time and that is not good at all.

Blood work again? Boooooring.
We got blood work done a few weeks ago, but somehow they lost it between the vet and the lab, so we had to go back again (as you can imagine, Mr. I Pee In My Carrier At The Vet Every Time was less than thrilled). Anyway, that was Saturday.

Today the vet called, and guess what? GREAT NEWS! Pimp's thyroid levels are in the normal range! Hurray!

I was honestly worried because he's been getting into Moo's food a lot. We are keeping Pimp's thyroid under control with the prescription Hill's y/d food. It works great, so long as that's all he eats -- but if he gets into Moo's food, his levels can fly up really easily!

And he's getting very sneaky and very fast about nabbing Moo's food. He watches for when no one is looking, then makes a mad dash for the bowl (I hear his tag hit it, so that's how I know) and then a dash away with a kibble in his mouth. He knows he's bad!

Do this look like the face of a sneakster to you?
Luckily, though, not too bad! This news made my day!

In other news, doesn't Pimp look like he should be a meme up there in that last picture? So serious!

P.S. We are still looking to fill two legs for our transport this weekend! These are for Saturday, March 9 in the afternoon:

Savannah, GA to Manning, SC
Manning, SC to Fayetteville, NC

If you can help, please fill out this form so I can contact you: Let's save some kitties!

Loverboy Romeo says please help me find my ride home! 
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  1. Yay for Pimp. That is great news

  2. Good to see Pimp is ok.
    I hope little Romeo - a lovely black cat, to be sure - and the rest get their rides!

  3. Great news!!!! Pimp looks so handsome and regal in his photo!!!! No more stealing Moo's food!!!

  4. Have you looked at a gatefeeder? It's not cheap, but I've heard it works. Maaaybe the maker would like you to demo one for this site? Can't hurt to ask. :)

  5. Being Pimp's grandfather, I am incredibly excited at this news. I hold my breath everytime he gets one of these tests.

  6. Yay Pimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh Yay Pimp,that's great news!!!

  8. Yay for Pimp!!!! He's a handsome guy!!! Hope the transport all works out!! You do a great job!!! <3

  9. Way to go, Pimp!!! Isn't it a sign that a person is feeling better when they do feisty things??'re mom's watching you! Cheers! Lori HPN

  10. Great, he has some big teeth, just like my Pepper Cat :)

  11. I know Pimp has the things under control!!! And Mam u r great for take care of you babys!!!

  12. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesMarch 5, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    Yay for Pimp!! Um, not for the sneaking, but for the good results!
    Yes, for the meme!
    Serious cat is serious!
    Your services are no longer required.
    I don't always sneak kibbles, but when I do, it's Moos.
    Ok, I'm done!

  13. Fantastic news Pimp! But you be a good boy (not that you aren't mostly except for some of Moo's kibble) and pay attention to your mom. Fantastic pose in your wonderful bed - so be happy and just eat what you should. Glad for the happy news today - nice change from other sources. Hope you get that last lap of the trip filled so that li'l black fluff can get to the new home. Good luck!

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  16. Lol so very glad he's okay, and feels good enough to be a sneaky little thief!

  17. Yay Pimp !! Thats good news !!
    I wish I was closer to help with Romeos transport !! Go black kitties !!

  18. Glad to hear Pimp's bloodwork is in order!

  19. Hooray for Pimp!! I'm glad he is feeling better and his levels are good. :) Whew!

  20. I'm so so happy for you Pimp!

  21. Yippeee! Great news.

  22. He's not bad, just clever. But he knows if he's not careful
    someone will get in his way as he races to forbidden food.

    I hope he continues to do well.

  23. Good boy Pimp. He is so handsome and he knows it.


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