Mar 8, 2013

Super Smash Kittens - This Would Be the Cutest Video Game!

Maybe I'd actually play video games if they were this cute!

You get to pick which kitten you want to be, and the you and the other kittens duke it out until there's just one left standing. You even get to pick your setting (I love the Couching Tiger one!) Plus, it's just really cute to watch kitties frolicking around!

Thanks to Cute's friend, Marcos, for sending in this cute Super Smash Kittens video!

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  1. The idea of kitten fighting didn't thrill me, but that was cute and done so well that I couldn't help but like it.

  2. Cute kittens toughing it out! They are so sweet but I'd say they are Kung Fu fighting. My male neuter used to train all the kittens in this, and then proceed to wash all the faces, ears, bums (change diapers!).

  3. This would not be safe with goats


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