May 16, 2013

Cat Drinks From Sink and Dries Her Face With a Towel

Bianca likes to drink from the sink like most kitties, but she does not like her face to stay wet after she's done under the faucet -- so she uses the bathroom towel to dry off her face!

So now this house needs hand towels and paw towels, apparently. Which I'd take over what my kitty does, any day. He just shakes his head and gets the water all over the bathroom mirror. I wonder how I can teach him to use a towel!

P.S. BlogPaws kicks off today! Last night I went out to dinner with a bunch of cat blogger friends, and had a blast! I'm looking forward to kicking things off today, and of course, am hugely thankful to Purina for sponsoring my trip here!

Here is me and Disco from Curlz and Swirlz
I'll post more pictures during the day and weekend on the Cute's Facebook page. I bet I'll get to meet lots of cute kitties and doggies here!

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  1. What a smart pretty kitty!! Grayball does not drink from the faucet....she likes to drink out of my water glass!Happy Thursday Cutes...I still say you should be a spokesperson on TV for Purina! and Moo and Pimp included of course! :-)

  2. So cute !!
    My little girl Venus uses her paw to drink from the water dish, then flings water everywhere. I wonder if I could teach her to dry her paw on a towel ?!?

  3. LOVE it!!! So cute!

  4. That is adorable. Wish my cat would do that. LOL. Have fun a BlogPaws.

  5. That is one considerate kitty! Smart too! Can't help but wonder if there may be a roll of tissue near the litter box...? ;-) Lol!

  6. That is hilarious! What a smart kitty. Have an awesome time at BlogPaws. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  7. Such a sweet kitty Bianca is, and if taught to do this, she learned the neat trick well. She looks as if she did a fabulous job drying her head and face too. She deserves 'good girl'. Have fun on your weekend caper Dorian!


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