May 17, 2013

Cat vs. Crazy Cat in the Mirror

In this epic battle of cat vs. cat in the mirror, we see fur-fuzzing, back-arching, twist-hopping, side-crawling and more!

How will it end? Who will back down first... the kitty on our side or the kitty in the mirror?

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  1. side steppin!!!! have a great friday and weekend!!!

  2. How cute is that!!! Adorable!
    Have a great weekend Dorian.....hugs to Pimp and Moo!

  3. Ninja Cat!!!!!!!

  4. that was funny! aND THAT CAT KEEPS COPYING HIS MOVES!

  5. Oh yes, too funny! Love when they make their Kung Fu moves, or just plain Ninja cat! Very cute and obliging when cheered on. Have a great long weekend - is it one for you isn't it? Still have a grand time! Thanks for saving so many babies and arranging their chance for new furever homes, esp. at the Ranch! Fireworks to you!

  6. That cat is scaring himself!! Too funny!


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