Oct 5, 2013

Pimp is Dressed Up for the Florida Gators!

Hi Cuteheads! If you didn't already know, I went to the University of Florida (and so did Pimp, kind of!). I got him while I lived in Gainesville, so he's a real Gator kitty!

I'm in Gainesville for the game this weekend, so Pimp dressed up for the occasion!

Go Gators!
Thanks to Stacey from Good Karma for the cute Gators bandanna she got him!

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  1. I knew he was cute but as a Gator kitty he's adorable.

  2. What a handsome Gator Kitty!!! Love Pimp. (love Moo too). Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

  3. That is a purrrrfect kitteh kerchief happy weekend Dorian Pimp and Moo! (Michael too) ;-)

  4. show your pride. yeah pimp. please stay dry and safe. tehno, EEEK, and me. +xo

  5. Hmmmm. Would he not be a 'gator snack? Inquiring goats want to know?

  6. Pimp could become the new mascotforthe gators... Great picture and happy weekend to y'all


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