Sep 29, 2013

Happiest Baby Elephant Plays in the Ocean

Kids are kids, no matter what the species. And there's no greater and simpler joy than frolicking around in the water.

This adorable baby elephant playing in the ocean will put a smile on your face and warm your heart. Just pure happiness!

I did a little research after seeing the "Most Happiest Elephant in the World" video making the rounds on Facebook because I wanted to know the story and find the original. This is the original, I think. It was posted back in 2011. The elephant was filmed in Phuket, Thailand. The video says it was before participating in a wedding ceremony, but I don't know if the elephant was part of it or the person. Apparently, it is common to see things like this in some countries!

Thanks to Cutehead Jan L. for sharing this video with us!

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  1. I LOVE that!! Animals need to have fun too!

  2. that was the most peaceful 3mins i have ever had. just pure bliss and joy for that baby. that is what god intended for all of us and it is the best gift to see on that little ones face, in it's actions. just bliss.

  3. Just adorable and funny. The video gave me more than a smile... Yes in Thailand, Bali and perhaps also in other countries of the Far East Elephants are a big part of wedding ceremonies (as well as on funerals !!!).

  4. Just like any other kid....just being silly and having fun. That sure was a treat to see.

    how come I never see elephants when I go to the beach?

  5. I looooove elephants! I wish I'd be playing in the ocean with him.


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