Sep 28, 2013

Cat Sits on a Hedgehog

After debating swatting her hedgehog buddy, this kitty decides to play nice and cuddle up next to him instead.

Well, maybe hedgehogs don't make the best cuddle buddies after all...

BONUS CUTE: Cute kitten meets hedgehog!

P.S. Today is my mom's birthday! She is the best (and not just because she helped make me). Let's all wish her happy birthday!

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  1. Poor kitty! It must hurt a little...
    Happy Purrthday to your Mom!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Dorian's Mom,hope you have a wonderful day!!

    And that kitty is gorgeous!

  4. Happy Birthday to the one who made such a caring person - you must be wonderful too!

  5. Oh, that poor kitty--can't poke the hedgehog without getting hurt. :)

    Happy Birthday Mom! Hope it's a GREAT day!

  6. Sweetest video - yeah, that companion is rather a prickly one and not so fun to cuddle with. Looks like a beautiful Birman trying to cozy up to little "Prickles". ALSO, hope you and your family have had a special day on your mom's birthday! Many more because you have so much more work to do with Dorian! LOL H.B. Dorian's Mom!

  7. Happy birthday to Dorian's mom!


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