Sep 24, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp Sleeping a Round and Moo on a Shelf!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Don't worry, today is nothing scandalous... Pimp is just sleeping a round.

Like in the round. He is round when he sleeps. Tucked into a nice circle.

You knew that's what I meant, right?

To ensure a solid tuck, hug your feets!
And you know those Elf on a Shelf things that are so popular at Christmas? Well, you can forget them! I have the new latest thing here, and it's way cuter!

Meet the Moo on a Shelf!

There is nothing up there. Mom checked.
And nothing out there either. Mom checked.
So I'm checking out mom.
Nothing over there either. She checked. Oh well!
Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday! It's always our favorite day around here, of course!

P.S. If you haven't donated already, and can possibly spare a few dollars, we are still a little bit short on our fundraiser for the latest transport kitties. We've had three transports (one each for the last three weekends!) and now it's time to pay the vet! If you can spare a green paper or two, here is the link for where to donate. Thank you!

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  1. I would much like Moo on a shelf over some elf on a shelf

  2. i have a shelf over our bed( mine & fuzzy). she loves to lay there or use it as a step in to the closet shelves

  3. Moo and Pimp posts are my favorite!

  4. i like it. 2 cat 2day. lay n around, checkin out the crib. man i need a nap. soooo much stuff too do. i need a nap. i might need a pre-nap to get my nap just so.

  5. Moo and Pimp posts are my favourite too! X

  6. Pimp is adorable sleeping curled up and it is a great comfort holding your knees (especially if aching like mine). Also amazing how cats can get up and into the smallest areas. Agility - wish I had some of it.


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