Sep 27, 2013

Angry Cat Belly Rubs!

To be perfectly honest, how can this kitty expect anything less if she insists on sleeping like this all the time? That belly demands to be rubbed and snorgled!

I don't even think she has a right to be irritated or even try to defend her belly against her daddy... Kitty bellies are a human's weakness!

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  1. MOL! Kitshka does exactly the same! And here comes my human's hand ;-)

  2. Some kitties do not like their bellies rubbed but most will flip over and demand more - even if it means biting..LOL

  3. duna, duua, duuua, duuuuuua, ,"DUUADUADUAADA"!!! just when you think it safe to take a nap, it's ATTACK, the tickle fingers are back!! no bellies are safe.

  4. there" an empty sunny spot. do you know where your tummies?!!!

  5. I love me a kitty belly and have the scars to prove it!!!


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