Sep 25, 2013

Cat Loves Licking Vacuum (Again!)

The cat who likes to lick his vacuum cleaner is back!

He really gets sucked into his favorite thing to play with, doesn't he? Maybe it would be-hoover him to not put his face so close to it, or else he might get hosed.

(Too much?)

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  1. OMG what a funny kitty! Grayball would NEVER do that. She is terrified of the vacuum monster

  2. good googly moogly!!!!!

  3. I hope the owners have thoroughly cleaned the vacuum hose so the cat isn't licking all the dust/dirt picked up from the floors.

  4. I finally bought an expensive German vaccuum cleaner as it was the only one quiet enough to keep my cats from climbing the walls when I vacuumed. This beautiful orange cat is just too funny!

  5. haha so cute :D


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