Nov 26, 2013

Three Cats Tuesday: Moo and Pea's First Encounter and Pimp is Tall

Happy Three Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we're going to update on the latest on the Sweet Pea front as well as discuss how tall Pimp is. Both equally important topics, of course.

Oh hai. I'm Pea.
First, Sweet Pea. Yes, she's still here. No, I haven't given in yet.

Second... Moo is a giant chicken and he kind of wants to meet her, but kind of isn't sure. He slowly walks up to within about four feet of her, does a little growl and then slowly backs away. He's done this more times than I can count. And Pea is just sitting or lying there the whole time, not saying or doing anything. Moo is just a big chicken (but we knew that already because he only likes his mommy).

Until last night, when something must have given him a little bit of extra courage and he actually got close to her! He snuck under the chair I was sitting on and crept over to where Pea was lying, right next to me. I thought they were going to nose-to-nose or something, but instead the little pooper scooper bit her leg! I think that's what he did anyway.

She quickly got up and ran off, and Moo just looked at me in some kind of triumph.

This is how it happened:

I like to pick on all cats whose name starts with the letter P. 
Since then it's been back to the usual routine, lightly growling from afar. Pea is super brave, though, and prances around lies near me like she owns the place.

Pimp, on the other hand, I'm pretty sure he couldn't care less about her. The first while I thought maybe he'd try to lunge at her, but lately he just kind of minds his own business and let's Moo do all the talking.

He's also very tall, as you can see from the picture I just took of him. I think he's trying to impersonate that wooden leg next to him.

I'm a little thin, but it makes my fancy features stand out. Right?
If you don't come by again before Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving to all of you! And happy Thanksgivikkah for all of you who get to celebrate two holidays at the same time.

But do come by on Thanksgiving if you have time... We're going to bust out the turkey costume again.

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  1. Awwww, Pimp looks so sweet. Maybe Moo thinks Sweet Pea is a turkey

  2. They are all super cute, as always, have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Thank YOU for all that you do!! as well as the other amazing cuteheads who help animals!!!

  3. Spookygirl InsandiegoNovember 26, 2013 at 9:48 AM

    What darling kitties. Pimp IS tall! He's a very unique-looking fellow, he reminds me of the Pink Panther. :-) To you and your wonderful kitties, your family and friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-) From your furry friend Cuteheads Cheese, Frito, Jessie, Lyla and mama in San Diego :-)

  4. Kitties are so funny! What goes on in their minds is a mystery no human will solve but just continues to control us. (Which is their point of world domination) Pimp is super tall & beautiful too. Andre and I wish you, your family & your fur kids a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. aw! love today's 3 cats Tuesday post! sweet pea certainly looks like she's made herself at home! moo will come around I just know it. & pimp is so regal looking! :) happy thanksgiving to you & your 'extended' household! ~marsha

  6. So glad the kitties are meeting and happy Pimp is doing well. He's such a stately gentleman. :) And Pea looks happy to be with you! Hopefully Moo will get the courage to become friends with her soon!

  7. Janet/TheCatOnMyHeadNovember 27, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    Wow Pimp, you are so thin that you look as if you are wearing a fur coat that is too big for you. Tell your mom to give you some extra turkey noms on Thanksgiving. We can't wait to see the turkey costume. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Before I introduced M & A to each other and allowed m to be in the same room, I switched their collars (beastie bands ) several times a day. I thought it helped them get used to each other's scent.

    They were cuddling within three days - 2 boy cats.


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